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Artisan treats, handmade in small batches

No matter what your food preference or sensitivity, Moonbean’s mission is to create functional, great-tasting snacks and beverages that anyone can enjoy and feel good about eating.

All their  products are Raw, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Cane-Sugar Free and Egg Free, and certain products are Vegan. Moonbean believes in using the purest quality natural, organic and unaltered ingredients in all their products.

At MoonBean they use only uncooked plant-based foods in their products. Their products are considered to be raw, because they use a method of low temperature dehydration to produce them, meaning none of the ingredients are heated to above 46 degrees Celsius. Thus all the vital naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes are preserved.

They have also taken great care to ensure that all their treats are gluten-free, and their production kitchen is completely free of any ingredients containing gluten. No highly refined sugars are used to sweeten their products. Their macaroons and snackaroons are sweetened with a touch of raw honey. And their Grawnola is sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.

Moonbean’s aim is to change the perception that healthy eating is time consuming and inconvenient, and restore it back to being something that is a pleasure to do, one yummy bite at a time!  

Their range comprises five irresistible flavours of macaroons (Double Chocolate, Vanilla Almond, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookies & Cream), two types of  Snackaroons (Chocolate Cookie and Caramel Crunch) and an amazing Cacao Superfoods Grawnola.

Added to this is their latest product: Superfood Coffee Blend – a coffee with added superfoods turning ordinary coffee into a super-coffee!

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superfood coffee blend
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