It’s Tea, but not as you know it.

My T Chai teas are a unique blend of aromatic spices (cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root, black pepper seed, cardamom seed) with African and Indian  teas that will nourish the body, mind and spirit.

My T Chai pride themselves on providing the healthiest and best teas available by utilising the finest ingredients in an uncomplicated way.

My T Chai is authentic masala chai, made simple. Combining Indian and African traditions, their teas are a blend of natural flavour, health and enjoyment. Free from additives and synthetic compounds, their recipes have been refined over time to yield a delicate balance of sweet and hot flavours in every cup, certain to tantalize your palette, comfort and relax, leaving you feeling at peace with yourself and the world.

There are 4 blends in the range: Rooibos, Black Tea, Yogi & Green Rooibos as well as an Instant Chai and instant Dairy Free Chai.

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