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Say Hello to the Unbeetable Relish!

It’s all about the little things in life, like sharing a good meal with family and friends. Relishing the moment!

Welcome to Relish Foods! 

This story begins with the humble beetroot and a family recipe.  What started out as a side dish at the Jooste dinner table, quickly left family and friends begging for more!

So together, with a recipe in hand and a passion for great food, Bianca & Werner began their un-Beet-able journey.
Since the inception of Relish Bespoke Foods in early 2014, their unique and innovative products have delighted thousands of taste buds – even the non-beet-lievers (people whom didn’t know beetroot can be so yummy!)

At Relish, they use only the freshest and finest quality ingredients.  Their products are manufactured in a world- class facility, under the most stringent food safety standards & conditions.
Every jar is hand-made, in small batches to preserve the integrity of the flavours, ensuring customers will relish every mouthful.

With 4 oh-so-yummy flavours to choose from, Relish is unbeetable on red meats, burgers, cheese platters, curries, salads, sandwiches – the list is endless!

The 4 different flavours in 300g jars are: Original, Mild Chilli, Hot & Low Sugar. 

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