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When I first heard about Love My Hair what I instantly loved about it is that it’s a genuinely all-natural hair colourant that goes way beyond giving you just a pretty colour; it also cares for and nurtures your scalp and hair. No other ordinary hair dye does that, but more about that in a bit.   First the colours  – they really are gorgeous.  Ranging from light auburn, brown, dark brown, flame red, wine red and soft black, there’s plenty of choice for us brunettes!  As I wanted to stay as close to my natural colour as possible, I chose the dark brown.

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I’ve got a fair bit of a salt and pepper thing happening with my hair, especially in the front and at my temples so I was keen to see how Love My Hair would handle that,  being all natural. The application is easy and straightforward and I love knowing that while commercial hair dyes are loaded with chemicals, Love My Hair is a multi-functional product that not only colours my hair but does it some good at the same time.   Each shade contains 6-7 different plant extracts.  The dye comes mainly from a carefully blended mixture of two plant extracts: henna and indigo.  Both of these have been used for centuries to colour hair.  The other botanical extracts have also  been used (and still are) for centuries in Ayurvedic treatments and contribute to the working of the dye and health of your hair.

According to the traditional use of these plant extracts, they are reputed to increase hair growth, improve blood circulation to the scalp, Improve the health of hair follicles, eliminate dandruff, eliminate split ends and even prevent premature greying of hair.  True?  I haven’t used Love My Hair for long enough to testify to any of these assertions.  However,  while it’s sensible to apply a certain amount of scepticism to claims that haven’t been proven through clinical trials, I personally am far more willing to try out a product that’s purely plant based and has been used successfully for hundreds of years,  than products known to contain harsh and synthetic ingredients such as ammonia, peroxide, para-phenylenediamine (PPD), resorcinol and parabens. Apart from the long term effect they have on your hair and skin, think of the damage they do once they’re washed into our water system.  Using natural hair colour is by far the better choice for both you and our earth.

All the ingredients are grown without any chemical pesticides or fertilisers and while the ingredients themselves are imported, they are formulated and packaged in South Africa. Love My Hair is also certified animal-friendly.

So what’s my verdict?

I was very happy with the outcome!  What I particularly liked is that while it didn’t cover the grey completely with dark brown, it gave a lighter softer tint which means that when it does grow out, it will look more subtle and be less obvious and noticeable.

It’s easy to get seduced by great photography and those shiny luscious colour swatches which market a product. So here are my own pics, taken with my phone – nothing fancy but I think you’ll agree, great results!  … find out more.

~ Nina, Cape Town 2014 ~

Nina side back 800x 1187

Love My hair

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