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“I thought it was too good to be true!  I bought the mocha–chocolate and bit into heaven. It was creamy, rich and decadent.”


“I used to love lindt dark chocolate, but after yours, it  tastes like plastic. your Chocs are truly delicious!”


Gayleen hears comments like these all the time from her customers and it never fails to delight her.  Gayleen’s Decadence has been in business for just over 4 years and in that time has grown spectacularly. “I started out making chocolates part-time, but very soon got so busy that I finally had to employ someone to help me. I knew then, the time was right to step out in faith and create a full time business.” she says. Not only is Gayleen constantly innovating new product lines, she’s developed a significant fanbase.  “I saw a gap in the market for creating a delicious treat that was also healthy.  My chocolates are made with organic chocolate and perfect for those people who want to avoid sugar and dairy, loads of moms buy them as healthy treats for their kids and apparently they even fit in with the latest banting and paleo diets!”

When we asked her which chocolate was her personal favourite, she laughed!  “Sorry, but I love them all!” Well, what’s not to love about organic chocolate with naturally flavoured soft centres (we’re talking mocha, orange, brazil nut crème, vanilla, coconut, Turkish delight, chilli caramel, ginger and more) sweetened only with raw honey?

Gayleen’s got some fabulous new products lined up for Valentine’s month. She’s made some gorgeous hazel-nut praline filled chocolate hearts.

Her new 4 block vanilla slab has proved so popular, (because now you can share! ) she’s just launched a new one filled with yummy peanut butter.

Gayleen’s also received numerous requests for a utility slab that customers can use for home baking and general enjoyment.  A 500g  pack is made up of 3 separate organic chocolate slabs.

hearts slabs combo

 So here’s wishing you a decadence-filled month of love!

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