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“Just wanted to say thanks for such a delicious healthy product, what a find! I am trying to eat a healthy paleo-style diet and your bars are  such a treat without added sugars.”

“I tasted your bars yesterday and I am in love! My kids love them too – they are just incredible!”

This is just a sample of what o’natural  fans consistently have to say about South Africa’s original raw, wholefood and superfood snack products.  Jo & Michael created o’natural in 2007 and from the beginning the theme which runs through their business, products and their lives is keeping it real.   That means an emphasis on natural and raw including superfoods like cacao and goji berries as well as wholefoods such as nuts and seeds.

“We had both developed a passion for experimenting with tasty and accessible superfood snack recipes which all our friends enjoyed, so we wanted to make them available to more people,” explains Jo.

Michael adds “what people have appreciated about our range is that it covers all tastes from sweet to savoury as well as meeting a wide range of dietary requirements .“

(The handy icons listed on each product will tell you whether it’s gluten free, wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan , raw and from those work out if it’s  suitable for banting.)

The couple says that all of their products were created initially for their own personal use as they couldn’t find anything like them on the market.  Says Jo, “I guess you could say we’re our own biggest fans! We truly believe in our products and the goodness they provide.”

Michael and Jo have some delicious new creations coming within the next few months. We’ve had a sneak preview and we can tell you that they’re exceptionally yummy!

Together let’s keep on keeping it real!

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