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When Gayleen’s Decadence first started out, they produced delectable mouthfuls of soft-centred chocolates in a range of  flavours that were not only yummy but dairy, processed sugar and preservative-free too:

Chilli-caramel, Orange, Ginger, Brazil Nut Crème, Turkish Rose, Mocha-Coffee, Almond, Buckwheat & Raisins minibars and more all individually wrapped.

The only problem was, they were so yummy, people wanted more.   “We want to be able to share our favourite flavours with our favourite people,” they said.  So Gayleen produced 4-piece slabs with soft-centred pieces in vanilla and mint in which proved to be extremely popular.

But it seems that Gayleen’s Decadence fans still just can’t enough.  And now Gayleen has just launched 100g slabs in Mint, Coffee, Vanilla, and brand new flavours Himalayan salt & Liquorice!

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What’s more, Gayleen’s just received her UTZ certification.   This is big news!  It means that  Gayleen has full traceability on the exact source of the cacao she uses (a farm in Panama) and via the UTZ-program cacao farmers grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities while safeguarding the environment and securing the earth’s natural resources. Now and in the future.  We think that tastes just great!

Front New Large POS box 800 x 992
Soft centred vanilla slab

Gayleen’s Decadence: all grown up into elegant 100g slabs!

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