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If you love open wood fires in winter but can’t stand the smell of paraffin and chemicals in conventional firelighters, then you’ll be delighted to meet¬†Greenlites!

Greenlites firestarters are clean, green and a real pleasure to use.

By up-cycling already used products such as vegetable oils, Greenlites have turned what is essentially a waste product into something useful and we think…pretty hot!

No more icky-smelling paraffin on your hands or in your fireplace!

Greenlite Eco Firestarters are:

  • SABS Safety tested
  • Free from petroleum products
  • Fuelled by clean-burning vegetable oils
  • Low odour
  • Long-burning
  • Clean and pleasant to handle
  • Easily segmented for ease of use and storage
  • Made in South Africa!
Burning green:  eco-friendly firestarters
Step-by-step greenlites

Using Greenlites is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Break loose as many Greenlite Eco Fire lighter pieces as required. Always light the Eco Firelighter at the broken edge of the block.

Step 2

Cover 1 to 2 blocks with small pieces of wood and light. Add larger pieces of wood as the fire burns.

Step 3

Enjoy an open fire, without any artificial odours or smoke caused by paraffin or other chemicals.

Whatever lights your fire this winter, make it green, clean and eco-friendly!

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