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These are the qualities which drive ButtaNutt creator and owner, Antoine van Heerden. “Our values stem from a sense of passion for great tasting, healthy and high quality food products that we love completely,” he says. “Food is something that I am extremely passionate about. Sharing that passion, seeing people enjoy ButtaNutt as much as I do, gives me a kick! A sense of creating something meaningful.”

Antoine was a final year student in mechanical engineering at Stellenbosch, when he started making nutbutters to sell at weekend farmers’ markets. “It was initially just an experiment, a sideline project,” he says “but it grew and grew. Last year we launched the 32g squeeze packs at the Good Food & Wine Show and that’s when we realized we were onto something seriously exciting. Demand for our product literally doubled overnight!”

‘A little jar of deliciousness wrapped in unicorn sparkles unleashing little puffs of heaven on your tongue #loveloveloveit’
customer, Sarah Fitz-Gerald

“We get a lot of great feedback from customers, something we are grateful for. We believe this is partly because we offer a great tasting alternative to peanut butter that is sugar- and stabilizer-free. We offer the most diverse range of tree nutbutters, each with its own unique flavour profile. We enjoy celebrating the fact that all of our nuts are local and proudly South African.” Antoine loves how creative customers get with ButtaNutt. “We have seen people putting ButtaNutt on apple or banana slices, on flaxseed crackers, mixing it in smoothies, adding a dollop to a breakfast yoghurt, but most of all” he adds, “we like the idea of creating ‘Skip the bread and spoon the jar’ moments!”

Antoine’s favourites change from time to time. ”Lately,” he says “I’ve taken to drizzling a spoonful of Cinnamon Macadamia over Bircher muesli made by my house-mate, Gavin. And for daily snacking, you can’t beat a rice cake covered with banana slices and Pecan ButtaNutt for deliciousness!

Antoine eating nuttbutta MAY UPDATE
buttanut stacks

Buttanutt: for skip the bread, spoon the jar moments!

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