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Baobab oil for dry winter skin

Having grown up in rural Limpopo, Sarah Venter is passionate about caring for the environment and local community development.  “I wanted to start a business that works with people and the environment in such a way that all three elements –  economic, social and environmental  – are completely sustainable,” says Sarah.

“I work with communities and environment in a very rural part of South Africa where no one else goes.  I’m fluent in TshiVenda which allows me to do the work I do.  Very few non-Venda people speak this language and many of the local Venda women cannot speak English or Afrikaans.  Also, having acquired my doctorate in Baobab ecology, I know a lot about baobabs so it is truly a unique coming together of knowledge and opportunity.”

Sarah launched her company, EcoProducts in 2006, inititally producing  natural, unprocessed baobab oil that is excellent for nourishing and healing dry winter skin, eczema and other dry-skin conditions.  It’s also a marvellous condition for hair and nails. Sarah, then expanded her business to include the production of baobab fruit powder.

“Wow! Baobab oil really works for my skin!”

“Even though I’ve heard these words so many times, it still makes me feel good every time!” Smiles Sarah.  “I love that we’re able to provide employment, support rural women and plant baobabs, but it’s wonderful to know that in doing so, we’re creating products that are good for the people who use them too, it’s kind of like a Universal Good.”

“I think of baobab oil as a kind of rescue remedy for skin!’’

                                        Dr Sarah Venter, EcoProducts

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Baobab oil for winter skin
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