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National Braai Day on the 24th of September is South Africa’s annual day of celebration! All South Africans are encouraged to unite around fires to share and celebrate our rich heritage.

With that in mind, if you’re planning to celebrate around a fire this Heritage day, but can’t stand the smell of paraffin and chemicals in conventional firelighters, then you’ll be delighted to meet Greenlites!

Greenlites firestarters are clean, green and a real pleasure to use.

By up-cycling already used products such as vegetable oils, Greenlites have turned what is essentially a waste product into something useful and we think…pretty hot!

No more icky-smelling paraffin on your hands or in your fireplace!

Greenlite Eco Firestarters are:

  • SABS Safety tested
  • Free from petroleum products
  • Fuelled by clean-burning vegetable oils
  • Low odour
  • Long-burning
  • Clean and pleasant to handle
  • Easily segmented for ease of use and storage
  • Made in South Africa!
Burn Green firestarters on Braai Day
Step-by-step greenlites

Using Greenlites is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Break loose as many Greenlite Eco Fire lighter pieces as required. Always light the Eco Firelighter at the broken edge of the block.

Step 2

Cover 1 to 2 blocks with small pieces of wood and light. Add larger pieces of wood as the fire burns.

Step 3

Enjoy an open fire, without any artificial odours or smoke caused by paraffin or other chemicals.

Whatever lights your fire this Heritage Day, make it green, clean and eco-friendly!

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