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We’re excited to annouce the launch of  THREE new Olgani natural oral care products.  Olgani has been working on perfecting these new lines and we love them all!   TWO new mouth washes: A Clove & Xylitol Mouth Wash – good for every day care, and a Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash especially to protect against gum disease.

Free from glycerine, emulsifiers and preservatives, these products offer a natural alternative to liquid oral rinses. They’re also very convenient for travel.

The powder quickly dissolves in warm water to form a solution used as a rinse, which helps to reach parts of the mouth that may be missed by brushing alone. Daily use will help to wash away food particles and bacteria, leaving the mouth fresh and clean.

Olgani have also launched a brand new toothpaste: Olgani Rich Mineral Evening Toothpaste specifically for use at night.  This mineral rich toothpaste is formulated to work in synergy with the body’s natural process of remineralisation of the teeth.  Using mineral rich toothpaste just before sleep can help to increase the amount of minerals in the saliva and enhance the natural process of remineralisation. This works beautifully alongside their existing product, their excellent Olgani Refreshing Herbal Toothpaste

Olgani has become well-known and trusted for its completely natural botancial formulations which contain no artificial ingredients whatsoever. When it comes to innovative and well-researched natural oral care, Olgani is outstanding in their field!

Olgani oral care

Put your money where your mouth is.  Oral Health is vital to overall health!

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