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Holiday season is here and that means being out and about with friends and family –  camping, picnicking and going to the beach.   No need to fret about what healthy snacks to pack because we’ve already got it sorted!

Everything from savoury (we’re talking Mojo’s crunchy seed crackers, O’Natural’s yummy snack packs and Chiaps, Herbivore’s super-healthy and crispy kale chips) to sweet treats by our fave Queen of Natural Chocolate sweetened only with honey Gayleen’s Decadence, gluten-free Marian Ackers biscuits & rusks, O’Natural’s raw and scrumptious bars and our latest addition to our catalogue – Moonbean – with their wickedly more-ish snackaroons and macaroons!

With ButtaNutt’s  tree nut butter spreads in convenient squeeze packs and Tierhoek dried fruit snack packs, there’s bound to be something for everyone no matter what food sensitivities or allergies they might have whether it be gluten, sugar, dairy, or if you’re choosing to eat vegan or raw.

We think this summer, snacking got a whole lot easier and tastier with a fantastic variety to choose from.  It’s NEO’s version of fast food and the beauty of it is that it’s all guilt-free and wonderfully healthy!

“Whenever you’re out and about, whatever your food  sensitivities or restrictions, we’ve got something for everyone when it comes to healthy & delicious snacks!  “

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