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For all you hungry herbivores and omnivores out there…we’ve got something so special from The Hungry Herbivore!  Their incredible Coconut Chips are made by first marinating coconut flakes in four different delicious savoury and sweet combinations. The marinated flakes are then dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve all their ‘coconutty’ goodness until they are crunchy and full of flavour: choose from Cheese & Onion, Spicy BBQ, Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

There’s also The Hungry Herbivore’s scrumptious My Choc Chip Cookie with hints of vanilla, coconut, tahini and bursts of dark raw chocolate bits. The cookies are dehydrated at a low temperature until crunchy, to perfectly accompany your favourite hot beverage.

The Hungry Herbivore makes  delicious, clean and honest comfort snacks that are ethical, affordable yet premium.

Their products are completely vegan and plant-based. Nor do they use wheat or ingredients containing gluten.

Just bags full of crunchy coconutty goodness!

hungry herbivore
my choc chip cookie
hungry herbivore

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