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Helping you live the LCHF lifestyle

La Verdure is a family run business specialising in grain-, gluten- and sugar-free, low carb, high fat and paleo products. Their aim is to provide support, motivation and encouragement to those wanting to follow a healthy lifestyle free from preservatives, additives, colourants and sugar.

Their products are recipes developed using REAL FOOD ingredients with the grain- gluten- sugar- free dietary communities in mind including those following the LCHF diet as well as for diabetics.

The hardest part of LCHF made easy!

Most gluten-intolerant people find giving up bread their biggest obstacle when adjusting to a new lifestyle. La Verdure’s pre-mixed breads, once baked can be sliced and frozen until needed.  Each slice is low in carbohydrates and packed with anti-oxidants.

The La Verdure range

Choose from 3 loaf premixes: Almond, Macadamia, or Coconut  these yield approximated 16 slices per loaf when baked.
Seed Crackers Premix – made with crunchy seeds, these crackers are delicious with cream cheese or just plain butter.
Chocolate Brownie Premix – it’s as close to a legal brownie you can get at just  0.4g carbs per serving
Hot Sponge Puddings – choose from Chocolate & Cinnamon or Vanilla Chai – these puddings are delectable served hot with butter and cream sauce.
Spicy Nut Muffin Pre-mix – super-easy melt-in-the-mouth muffins that can be dressed up as cupcakes.

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“It’s not just about food – it’s a lifestyle “

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