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Clark’s Kitchen is back!  As sweet-plum-sticky as ever but this time along with a sizzling new companion: Hot Sticky Plum Sauce.

The Clark’s Kitchen range is a culmination of passionate cooks and family recipes perfected over generations. Hand made in small batches with only the freshest and finest ingredients.

The plums used in their Sticky Plum Sauce are grown in a specific region of South Africa called the Little Karoo. It is here in this remote part of the world where the combination of loamy Karoo soil and the Mediterranean climate form the perfect environment to grow some of the world’s best quality plums.

The long hot summers cause the fruit to ripen with a delicious and unique sweetness and the icy winters ensure the trees get a long and peaceful rest before each harvest.

Then they add the freshest chillies, garlic and ginger which are prepared on-site ensuring each ingredient passes a quality inspection before being minced and added to the cooking pots.

Contains no added MSG, flavourants, colourants and no GMO Soy.

ClarksTuna 800 x 1108

“Deliciously sweet and sticky with hints of fresh ginger, garlic and fragrant spices, Clark’s plum sauces are perfect for stir-frys and Oriental dishes, as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and satays, or to baste and glaze ribs, steaks and chicken on the braai.”

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