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Camilla and Darrin Morisby are a couple with a vision.  They believe passionately in making sustainable and environmentally responsible choices and so have introduced South Africa’s first and only 100% natural plastic-free water filter.  KURO-Bō  is the NEW 100% organic, recyclable, sustainable and cartridge-free carbon water filter that naturally improves taste, purifies and mineralises tap water, while at the same time, balances pH.

When living in the UK, like many people, they were using a leading cartridge water filter brand. They became increasingly disenchanted with the high cost, environmental impact and the fact that the filter stripped everything from the water – good and bad.

They then discovered Binchotan, a Japanese charcoal water filter which was already being used widely in Asia, the US and Europe. They loved the fact that lasted much longer than all other filters, was very affordable, looked unique and beautiful AND avoided the use of plastics. Best of all, Binchotan not only removes toxins, it mineralises and purifies tap water, improving taste and balances  pH.

Working with Binchotan, they have created their own product KURO-Bō. Their aim is to inspire and educate everyone about the tremendous power of Activated Charcoal, in its most natural form.

Why KURO-Bō?

  • It’s the ONLY 100% NATURAL, RECYCLABLE and PLASTIC-FREE water filter in SA.
  • The ONLY product in SA to both FILTER and MINERALISE tap water (it reduces iron, chlorine, manganese, lead, aluminium, copper and mercury and enriches with calcium and magnesium.)
  • Offers up to THREE MONTHS OF FILTERED WATER per stick.
  • IMPROVES TASTE in only 15 minutes.
  • Can be RECYCLED in a multitude of USEFUL and ECO-FRIENDLY ways.
  • EASY TO USE – simply BOIL, DROP into any container of tap water, allow to FILTER and ENJOY!

How does it work?

KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal (Binchotan) is created through an ancient Japanese technique where high quality hardwood is baked in a kiln, at temperatures of over 1000ºC, until it becomes carbonised. Through this process KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal becomes a highly porous natural filter and, when placed in tap water, naturally adsorbs and removes toxins, while enriching it with beneficial minerals.

KURO-Bō: 100% natural water filters
kuro-bo closeup of charcoal in water

KURO-Bō, an ancient solution to a modern problem.  Turning ordinary tap water into filtered water with a delicious and more refreshing taste.

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