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THE FIGARY was founded in 2015 in honour of the age-old tradition of sharing, preserving and extending the bounty of a harvest.

Their harvest starts in early February (right now!) when the community teams together for 3 months of fig-leaf sunrises, hot days, sticky shears, perseverance and at the end of it all, a harvest to celebrate!

Their figs are carefully selected for optimal ripeness before slicing, dehydrating and packaging, all by hand on Osdrift farm.

Osdrift is a 5th generation family farm situated on the banks of the Breede river in the Cape Winelands. In 2006, they planted their first fig trees and have since become one of the largest grower of fresh figs to be exported from South Africa.

THE FIGARY is committed to the pursuit of ‘clean’ foods and is proudly PPP- (Plant Protection Products} preservative- and additive- free. Drying intensifies natural flavour and sweetness, while ensuring a nutrient-packed snack that’s available all year round.

Available in two sizes:

60g Snack Packs
200g Share Packs


Only the sweetest, ripest, plump fresh figs are selected for drying.

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