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GAYLEEN’S DECADENCE has one mission! To find as many ways as possible for you to enjoy dairy-free natural chocolate sweetened only with raw honey.

Her creations range from individually wrapped soft-centred rounds and mini-bars, small soft-centred bars to 100g solid slabs, and now you can enjoy Gayleen’s chocolate with a spoon straight from the jar! (we’re told it’s delectable on warm croissants too)

Made with silky smooth macademia oil and UTZ certified chocolate sweetened only with raw honey, there are two utterly swoon-worthy flavours to choose from:

200g jar GD Chocolate Spread 
200g jar GD Chocolate Orange Spread

Chocolate and orange go so well together and make such a yummy combination and Gayleen has always made a soft-centred orange chocolate individually wrapped round.

But fans have been asking for an orange chocolate 100g solid slab and here it is at last!

Flavoured with essence of orange, it’s a wonderfully delicious addition to her range of other 100g solid slab favourites.

And with Easter around the corner, here are some vanilla soft centered Easter Eggs and solid vanilla Bunny Lollies.

Gayleen's Decadence
Gayleen's decadence
Gayleen's Decadence chocolate spread

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