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We’re taking you on a whole new journey! We’re so excited to announce our brand new food gifting range by Cape Herb and Spice. offers a premium exotic fine food range that is exquisitely packaged and designed especially for the discerning foodie connoisseur. is the brain child of Cape Herb and Spice guru, Irene Ivy and together with Shelley Barnard, they collaborate with stakeholders to create innovative gifting and everyday products while endeavoring to support and contribute to the local economy, as well as creating employment and encouraging development in a sustainable, ethical and dynamic environment.

By keeping their finger on the pulse of international food trends, embraces progressive flavours and challenging contemporary design – they are committed to carving their niche in the fine food industry, being sought after for their uncompromising packaging, culinary and commercial knowledge that caters for all tastes and budgets. time-intensive method which ensures that none of the good qualities/flavours of the spices is destroyed by heat. gift sets

We’ve selected gift sets ranging from Spices of the Orient, Art of Tea, Curries Of Origin to Flavoured Salts of Origin, Peppers of Origin and Espices D’Amour. There’s something for everyone! refillable grinders

Made with ceramic grinding mechanisms, these beautifully designed 30cm tall Crush-grinders made with bamboo fittings and BT acrylic tube grinders are long-lasting and hard wearing.  Crushing and grinding whole spices releases the aromatic oils and aromas making for a much richer, flavourful experience at the dining table! chilli addicts

Naughty but oh-so-nice…the range of Chilli Addict Sauces are as full of personality as they are flavour. Liven up your kitchen with a flash of heat, but beware of the burn! Heat intensities range from the 3/10 Sweet Chilli for the inquisitive to a 12/10 Ghost Chilli for the beyond brave! spices & salts

Experience the spice route with our collection of iconic spice mixes from all corners of the globe. From the Caribbean, Middle East, North Africa, Goa, Indonesia to Japan and Mexico, let us take you on a whirlwind world tour! And please note, none of the herbs and spices used are irradiated.

The Salts of Origin range presents a unique collection of exotic salts from around the world in visually vibrant and functional  packaging. Available in individual jars or as a set, salts include: Cyprus Salt Flakes, Smoked Sea Salt, Murray River Flake Salt, Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt. The concept of origin is celebrated with stories and recipe suggestions for each salt. flowering tea balls

The Flowering Tea Balls present the perfect combination of green tea and flowers. Green tea leaves are delicately hand-strung around a dried flower and unfurl when brewing in hot water revealing a beautiful bloom.

So are you ready to We are!

11.Curries of origin Slide A-crop
salts of origin
chilli addict

“Part of’s expertise involves the development of on-trend, sustainable packaging creating beautifully packaged, gorgeous gift sets in limited editions which means some lines are only available for a season and then are not repeated “

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