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Famous for their amazing bars, if there’s one thing you can count on from o’natural, it’s that they’re passionate about #KeepingItReal. That means:

  • they only use whole foods or ingredients processed directly from whole foods with minimal processing  such as cacao butter and cacao powder both from the cacao bean
  • they’re always very generous with the amount of expensive nuts and superfoods ingredients.
  • they keep the use of dates to a minimum to keep the sugar content low.

In fact they did some research on a range of natural raw ‘health-bar’ brands and found that they had an average sugar content of 40%! One brand was as high as 55%! These sugars generally come from dates, raisins and rice syrups.

Sugar has its benefits, but in excess it’s considered a poison. Just because it comes from ‘natural sources’ doesn’t make it healthy.

So o’natural bars contain only on average 20% of sugars – a much healthier option because by having less sugar, they’re making room for a whole lot more whole foods and superfoods!

They’ve extended this philosophy through to their entire product range including their brand new granola snack packs and repackaged smoothie blends.

o’natural granola crunch

The perfect 100% raw, wheat-, gluten- and dairy-free take-anywhere snack! There are 3 crunch-sational flavours to choose from in 40g packs:

  1. Coconut Cacao
  2. Goji Berry
  3. Original

o’natural super-smoothies

O’natural super smoothies offer plant protein power along with sustained energy.  They were created through a love for superfoods and a driving passion to make superfood snacks convenient, tasty and of course ridiculously good for you.

They smoosh together raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit into a yummy blend and then dehydrate below 45 ‘C for 2 days to maximise the nutrient and flavour profile. Once properly dried, the blend is ground into a powder and mixed with organic superfoods and pea protein. 

The result: a carefully formulated all-in-one super smoothie mix, ready to fuel your body within 2 minutes! Onatural take the time so you don’t have to!

Raw, vegan and free from added sugar, wheat, dairy, GMO’s, preservatives and additives, there are three fabulous flavours to choose from each in a 360g pack containing 12 servings:

  1. Cacao Power
  2. Goji Berry Boost
  3. Maca Magic


onatural granola
o'natural bars
o'natural granola
o'natural smoothie
ONATURAL GRANOLA CRUNCH – chiaful breakfast (NO PRODUCT)-crop
o'natural granola

” a love for superfoods and a driving passion to make superfood snacks convenient, tasty and ridiculously good for you. “

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