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GAYLEEN’S DECADENCE  has never believed that one size fits all.

Some chocolate occasions call for a single, delicious bite-sized mouthful (GAYLEEN’S DECADENCE soft-centred chocolate rounds are a perfect fit), and sometimes you just need a big slab to share with your loved ones. Then again, something in between could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Introducing the new 25g mini-slab! Sweetened only with raw honey and dairy-free, with no artificial additives like all of Gayleen’s chocolates.  You could say it’s a chip off the old 100g block 🙂

After numerous requests to create a smaller version of the solid bars, Gayleen went to work to make the chocolate magic happen!

Available in the same yummy flavours as its maxi version: Coffee, Mint, Orange, Himalayan Salt & Vanilla.

Gayleen's decadence mini-slabs
Gayleen's decadence mini-slabs

Mini-slabs: for when you want a whole slab all to yourself! Big enough to be a treat, small enough not to feel guilty about it.

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