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BETTER EARTH has been producing natural eco-friendly cleaning products since 2009 with the aim of getting as many people as possible to use house-hold products that have little or no destructive effects on our environment.

Their products are bio-degradable, do not contain harmful chemicals and are much better for the earth than conventional cleaners.  They’ve built up a loyal customer base who keep coming back for more because their cleaning products work!  They clean and refresh your home beautifully without harming the earth with surfactants, parabens and synthetic ingredients.

Now BETTER EARTH has created a brand new product that delivers what we all want every day – a fresh, sweet smelling toilet!

The new Toilet Tamer is for toilets everywhere! (And let’s face it, with severe water restrictions here in the Western Cape, and not being able to flush after every use, toilets here are getting distinctly whiffy!)

Each spray of Toilet Tamer delivers a powerful fresh and zesty Lemon Grass and Vanilla fragrance that lingers beautifully.

How To Use:  Spray 3-4 times directly onto the toilet bowl before or after use to tame unpleasant odours.


“There’s a whole range of home-cleaning products to choose from – all helping to create a Better Earth!”

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