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Sun Coffee Roasters is one of the most technologically advanced roasters and packagers of Sustainable Fair Trade coffee in the United States. Dedicated to providing consumers with delicious, Sustainable Fair Trade coffee – while pursuing total transparency ‘from bean to cup’, they source coffee beans from certified Organic, Rainforest, and Fair Trade cooperatives worldwide. Through their energy-efficient roasting process and eco-friendly packaging, all their business decisions are made with people and planet in mind.

Not only is Sun’s process good for the planet; it’s also good for your palette. Their complex dry-roasting method yields the freshest, best-tasting Sustainable Fair Trade coffee possible. Sun Coffee drinkers world-wide greet the day knowing they are sitting down to a cup of ethically-sourced, sustainably-produced, premium coffee.

Sun Coffee Roasters roast to ‘profile’ which means regardless of origin or moisture content of the bean, their roaster compensates for variations in composition to ensure consistency of product.

Their specialised equipment uses far less electricity and natural gas than standard roasters, while their catalytic scrubbers ensure there are zero emissions from their roasting process.

Whereas conventional grinders heat up to the point that they scald the coffee and detrimentally affect its flavour, their grinder features water-cooled heads to maintain ambient temperature. This allows them to produce even the finest espresso grind without changing the integrity and flavour of the bean.

Sun Coffee Roasters take pride in their sustainability practices ranging from recycling their corrugated boxes and film, to the burlap bags used to deliver their green coffee.  Even their chaff – a by-product of the roasting process – is used by free-range chicken farms for mulching!

Time to wake up and smell the really good coffee! 🙂

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