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They were the first to bring you their brilliant Kale Chips, followed by their super-healthy Super CerealsNow Herbivore Earth Foods bring you a whole new range of #AwesomeRawsomeness. Check out the new ranges below:


Yacon + raw cacao = YACAO

These raw YACAO chocolate barks are truly guilt-free! Made from raw cacao and Yacon syrup (extracted from the Yacon root) which is high in antioxidants and potassium. Smooth and rich with the depth of flavour only found in raw nature. No added funny stuff. 3 tree-mendous flavours:

  • Yacao Sprouted Buckwheat & Goji
  • Yacao Mango,Sprouted Quinoa & Coconut
  • Yacao Sprouted Almond & Coconut



Kick start your day with an Instant Raw Organic Porridge.

Power porridge is made by sprouting nutrient dense buckwheat and quinoa seeds to “wake them up” and activate their living enzymes, allowing their nutrients to become bioavailable. We add only the best organic wholefood ingredients and dehydrate them for 18 hours to preserve vital nutrients, giving you the best nutrition to super boost your day in three irresistible ways:

Banana Cinnamon |  Chocolate Cacao  |  Vanilla Activated Almond


A righteous mouthful. When you crave something tasty to hit that sweet spot but don’t want to worry about what ingredients it’s got. Our righteous date balls are made from #OnlyTheGoodStuff and you’ll probably find that just three may well not be enough: 3 tantalising flavours:

  • Rawls Turkish Fig, Ginger & Chia
  • Rawls Cacao, Sprouted Almond & Coconut
  • Rawls Mulberry, Mango & Baobab



Broccoli reinvented.

Never say no to broccoli again. We take young tender florets smother them with our delicious sunflower and spice blends, then air dry them low and slow. Relish them in 3 moreish ways:

Pink Salt & Black Pepper |  Sour Cream & Chives  |  Sriracha


Whole sprouted hazelnuts encased in a fair trade cacao and almond date ball, smothered in raw chocolate and covered in crunchy hazelnut pieces. No added sugar, naturally sweetened with Yacon.



Crunchy, flavourful kale sprinkles to liven up any dish or movie night popcorn. Sprinkle over salad, pasta, soups or anything your heart fancies really.  Add a little love in 2 sprinkly ways:

  • Salt & Pepper
  • Sweet Chilli


All Herbivore’s power-foods and snacks are so flavourful and nourishing, you might say their chocolate bark is as good as their broccoli bites.

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