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Nut milk: The nutritious plant-based milk manufactured from nuts. Simple right? Wait! Read the label of a typical nut milk container – it’s a battle between the undigestible and unpronounceable.

Sugars. Emulsifiers. Preservatives. Additives. Thickeners. Hmmmm. We know what you’re thinking: What happened to nutrition? What about health? Our thoughts exactly. ButtaNutt’s Nut Milk Base is changing all of that. Say goodbye to the nasties and say hello to simple, clean nutrition.

It works like this: You need a sachet of ButtaNutt Nut Milk Base. Water. A blender. And a few seconds. Combine.

The result? Fresh, homemade, creamy nut milk.


To make nut milk, simply blend 1 x 35g sachet of Nut Milk Base with 500ml water, on high speed, for 1 minute. Transfer to glass jar or bottle, chill, and serve! If you would like to make more milk, simply add another sachet for every 500ml water.

1 x 35g  + 500ml water = 535ml nut milk
2 x 35g + 1000ml water = 1070ml nut milk
3 x 35g + 1500ml water = 1605ml nut milk
4 x 35g + 2000ml water = 2140ml nut milk


Almonds, Macadamias, dates, sea salt, vanilla powder


Paleo/banting, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, gum free, stabilizer fee and soy free.

The uses are as varied as your imagination…

“MY WORD IT IS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and incredibly convenient. I make a fresh batch most mornings. I pour it over cereal and make delicious creamy turmeric lattes. I prefer a milk that separates with nut-sediments over artificially stabilized versions. We’ve made nut-milk and banana popsicles for my nieces and they love them!”  Nut Milk Lover, Cape Town


The milk has a creamy taste and froths just as well as normal milk.  Fantastic in your favourite latte!

More and more people are choosing dairy-free milk options and imported brands carry a hefty price tag. ButtaNutt is a local brand that offers not only natural wholesome goodness, but great pricing too.  We think you’d be nuts not to go for it!

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