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We are so excited to bring you brand new treats from Wazoogles Superfood; an extraordinary range of Supernatural Oats! 


With a dash of wild-harvested OH YEAH and a healthy dose of plant magic, the alchemists at Wazoogles have transformed the humble oat breakfast into a delicious superfood experience. Crammed with vegan protein and curious ingredients from around the world, their delicious and nutrient-rich Supernatural Oats will keep you fully charged. A magical superfood breakfast on-the-go. Just add hot water, cold water or nut milk.

And the real magic is that they’re ready in just a few minutes. All their grains, seeds, berries, pods and powders are 100% organic, non-GMO and ethically harvested.

There are two convenient ways to enjoy Supernatural Oats:

  • On-the-Go Oat Pots: These Single serving Pots have an average net weight of 100g and are a full single serving On-The-Go breakfast!
  • 300g at home Cartons: These 300g cartons are designed for the more at home styled breakfast. Ready in just a few minutes!

Good for the Earth

Oat Pots: The Supernatural Oat pots are sustainably packaged in FSC-certified board and printed using Soy based vegetable inks. This makes them an eco-friendly shopping choice. Fully Recyclable.

300g cartons: The recyclable cereal boxes are sustainably packaged on FSC-certified and non-virgin board, giving them a second life cycle and making them an eco-friendly shopping choice.

Definitely the sassiest flavour in our range, this tart little creation has an irresistible combination of sweet Turkish sun-dried figs, chewy white mulberries, citrusy Peruvian golden berries and hints of tangy hibiscus and warm cinnamon. With an extra vitamin C kick from camu camu berries, a bowl of this delicious goodness will make you go mmmmmmm from the inside.

It’s deep, it’s dark, it’s downright dirty! The Double Chocolate Maca is about as chocolatey and indulgent as you can go, but without being overly sweet. Powered by heirloom cacao and Peruvian maca root, we’ve added chocolate enrobed quinoa pops that melt in your mouth, sweet cacao nibs for crunch, delicious sun-dried figs and white mulberries to add some chewy texture. Trust us, you’ll be licking your bowl.

With sweet sticky date caramel and succulent chewy white mulberries, this is what you deserve for breakfast. Enriched with the deep flavour of our roasted mesquite and sprinkled with just the right amount of Kalahari Desert salt, this is salted caramel like you’ve never experienced it before. With 8 superfoods to nourish your body, you won’t believe that being healthy could be so naughty.

Everybody loves peanut butter. It’s rich and creamy and you know you want it! 100% organic peanut butter powder is used  to create this tasty little breakfast treat, so it has all of the flavour with none of the extra calories. Also added are sweet, sun-dried sultanas for some extra bursts of jamminess, as well as toasted coconut smiles, sweet cacao nibs and a generous sprinkling of superfood love.

Wazoogles have reinvented a classic! Cinnamon, oats and banana – obvious right? Think again… they’ve taken this match made in heaven and made it even more dreamy. Now super charged with superfood magic, the deep roasted taste of wild-harvested mesquite, and sweet fruity kisses from organic, sun-dried mulberries and dates. It’s like a hug from the inside out. Welcome back cinnamon banana bread.

You know you always wanna lick the spoon because waiting for the cookies to bake is so
hard and the sweet-gooey-goodness is just too irresistible? Well, this flavour is just too good to wait for. The lush malty cookie dough flavour comes from the roasted wild harvested mesquite and the crunchy choc chip texture from sweet Peruvian cacao nibs. Also included  are 7 superfoods, some chewy sun-dried banana and tasty toasted coconut to make it that much better. We just couldn’t help ourselves.

You know you believe in unicorns so what are you waiting for?  Do the Wazoogle!



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