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Bio Ultra is sports-performance focused, offering the most nutritious and healthful performance products available. Their roots lie in raw, wholefood nutrition, based on what nature provides, using raw wholefood ingredients and minimal processing, as opposed to the industry standard of deriving unnatural ingredients from industrial and laboratory synthesized process.

Bio Ultra sets the standard of what authentic healthful products should be, with many positive selling attributes including raw, vegan, organic, compostable packaging and non-isolated ingredients.

You’ll already be familiar with BIO ULTRA RAW PROTEIN POWDER in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours. Now they’re introducing 2 brand new flavour-blends to their range – see details below!

BIO-ULTRA GREEN POWDER is a blend of leafy greens packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it’s a potent dose of alkalising greens that allow improved recovery from any athletic performance.

BIO ULTRA ENERGY POWDER  is a blend of specific fruits that are high in carbohydrates, but due to the retention of the natural fibre in the fruits, the carbohydrates are released at slower interval and minimise insulin spikes, resulting in consistent access to carbohydrates for  increased endurance.
BIO ULTRA RAW PROTEIN POWDER Chocolate and Vanilla are also available in convenient single serving 40g sachets.

Also introducing the new BIO ULTRA WATT BITES.  Watt Bites are convenient energy balls, that can be eaten on the go and ensure easy access to vital nutrients demanded by any athlete or healthful individual.

Each 45g pack contains 3 energy balls. Available in 3 flavours: Fruit, Vanilla & Chocolate.

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