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We’re so excited to be introducing this new, locally produced superfood drinks mix brand to you! Nature’s Nutrition have gathered the highest quality ingredients worldwide – so you don’t have to. Their superfood blends of USDA certified organic fruit and vegetable extracts have been handpicked by the experts to improve  health. You can now enjoy a concentration of phytonutrients in convenient powder form, specially designed to help you follow a more plant-based diet.

So What’s Inside?

50 Superfoods
Nature’s Nutrition drink mixes offer a whopping 50 superfoods in every serving –  broken up into greens and reds, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The greens blend is packed with  wheatgrass, broccoli, kale, barley grass, spirulina, cabbage and spinach, with some sprouts and herbs thrown in too.

The reds blend packs a berry punch, with raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries and even blackberries in the mix. There’s a broad fruit profile, including everything from peach and papaya to pomegranate and pear, and you’ll find some flaxseed dancing around in the mix as well.

100% Vegan-Friendly 
All products exclude meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and other animal-derived ingredients. Every item on our ingredients list is straight out of nature.

All 50 superfoods in the range are GMO-free.

USDA Organic
Our 50 superfoods blend is certified USDA organic.

Dairy-Free Probiotic
All products are dairy-free including a healthy dose of dairy-free probiotics in every scoop of the superfoods blends.

Natural Sweetener
Stevia leaf extract supplies the natural sugary flavour you’ll taste in most of the products.

Pea Protein
In line with our choices of other au natural ingredients, we’ve included pea protein into some of our products. This nutrient-dense plant protein is hypoallergenic, comparatively high in BCAAs to whey protein, vegan, lactose-free and easily digestible.

Other added ingredients
There are a few extra ingredients in our products – all included to up the benefits in every scoop. Acacia soluble fibre plus Vitamin C helps to reach the daily quota.  And the dehydrated coconut nectar? That’s just a delicious extra.

The Super Greens & Reds Blends + Plant Protein

There are 4 super-delicious flavour profiles in the Super Greens & Reds PLANT PROTEIN Blends:

  • Berry Banana
  • Citrus Berry
  • Natural Vanilla
  • Wild Apple

Here’s how it works: simply mix 2 heaped scoops of your favourite Superfoods Drinks Mix to: 180-200 ml of cold water; your favourite smoothie (that’s how we like it); or another drink of your choice. Stir until smooth. Enjoy first thing in the morning for energy and nutrients to start your day, or between lunch and dinner as a high quality, low calorie drink mix. It just doesn’t get easier.

All 4 flavours are also available in convenient 25g sachets too.

Kid’s Berry Blast

This stir-into-anything formula makes healthier eating for kids a breeze. Every delicious scoop offers 50 organic superfoods, along with added omegas, vitamin C and dairy-free probiotics.  Mix into yoghurt, smoothies, juice or add to porridge – this versatile formulation is the convenient way to get the goodness in!

The Super Greens & Reds Blends + Fibre

Get your daily dose of 50 superfoods wrapped in the fragrant flavours of Raw Vanilla. This whole food blend of fruits, vegetables, probiotics and greens has been enriched with acacia soluble fibre to boost digestion.

The Super Greens Natural Blends

Each Super Greens Blend is a powerhouse supplement, providing an alkalizing, whole food blend of fruits, vegetables, probiotics, greens and reds, helping to promote health and vitality.

This ultra-convenient low-calorie drink mix can support proper digestion, boost energy levels and immune health, while also helping to satisfy hunger, leaving you feeling energised and vibrant! Available in 2 flavours:

  • Natural Green
  • Natural Berry

It’s Nature’s Nutrition’s mission to show you that ‘health’ equals ‘balance’. That prioritizing  wellness means following a diet that’s smart, not hard.  Helping you to drink up your greens the deliciously easy way!

  • Savannah St Claire

    Hi there. I was just wondering how many grams of protein a single serving of the Super Greens and Reds Blends has in it?

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