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Candice and Talezia are the awesome team behind Happy Earth People and if you haven’t met this brand before, they make a range of nutritious, eco-conscious foods, using their core ingredient – legumes.

They believe passionately in the goodness and sustainability of legumes – for both our bodies and the planet. Not only are they packed with protein and minerals, legumes are “nitrogen-fixers” too. Thanks to the good bacteria found in their root systems, legumes leave soil even healthier after harvest.

They love creating products with a purpose. Products that offer you delicious, nutrient dense meals while keeping consciousness and producer responsibility top of mind.

Which is why we’re so happy to make TWO announcements:

1. Happy Earth packaging is completely FREE OF PLASTIC and the box is recyclable or compostable.  That’s a big win for a zero-waste sustainable lifestyle. Not only that, instead of a plastic sleeve, you’ve got more happy pasta inside!  The content of each box has increased from 250g to 300g.

2. Happy Earth People pasta now will cost you around 30% less! They’ve been able to do this due to organic growth and really optimising economies of scale; an increase in raw materials means a decrease in costs.

Candice and Talezia say, “we want everyone to be healthy! Making our products more accessible to our customers has been an extremely important goal for us.”

Versatile, delicious, filling, gluten-free, healthy and nutritious, and now even more cost-effective, this is pasta with a purpose!

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