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That’s what our all-organic supplier BIONA lives by and we love them for it!  Based in the UK, they’ve been producing organic products for over 35 years and with over 350 products lines in their range they’re leaders in the field  These days,  organic products are much more easily available,  and with a such a wide variety of producers to choose from, it’s time to get discerning!

So what sets Biona apart?

  • Their certified organic products have 100% traceability back to origin – that means you really know where your food is coming from and how it was made.
  • Biona is relentlessly uncompromising when it comes to tracking the production story of every single one of their products, so you can be sure that what you’re getting is 100% natural and only of the highest quality.
  • Best of all, their range is ridiculously delicious.





We knew straight away we had to stock Biona’s award-winning rye bread range.  Our customers tell us that once you taste them, you can’t help yourself – you’ll be back for more. We aren’t surprised.

Their rye breads are made in a traditional bakery in Germany, where they have been practicing their artisan skills since 1927. It is now one of the most respected bakeries in the EU and prides itself on using environmentally friendly techniques, avoiding genetic modification and using the highest quality ingredients. The whole grains are ground just before baking for maximum freshness and quality that you will taste from your first bite.

Rich and nutty with a subtle sour tang, these rye breads are dark, dense and studded with grains and seeds for a satisfying bite and interesting texture. Choose from:

  • Biona Rye Vitality Sprouted Organic Seeds,
  • Biona Rye Sunflower Seeds
  • Biona Rye Hempseed
  • Biona Rye Chia & Flaxseed
  • Biona Rye Amaranth & Quinoa

We’ve also selected a variety of wholegrain pastas, natural sweeteners such as rice, date and agave syrups, snack and convenience foods and a wonderful range of kiddies organic treats such as Tutti Fruitti Gums, Licorice Spirals, Jelly Dinos, Cool Cola Bottles and Mini Fruit Bears all made with organic ingredients, no artificial flavours, colourants or gelatine.

Through their business practices, Biona consistently invests in a healthier future – for you and our earth.  Look out for our Biona range in all good health and Deli shops. When you choose Biona, you’re also making a choice for the future.

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