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A New Beauty Solution

BEAUTY GEN is a superfood-infused beauty range! From the same brilliant team that brought you Nature’s Nutrition, we’re introducing this brand new all-natural product range which delivers a beauty solution that works from the inside out.

A New Take On Beauty

Most beauty routines only focus on the exterior which returns partial results at best. BEAUTY GEN’s  all-natural product range provides a beauty solution that works from the inside out.

The 5-in-1 Beauty Booster

BEAUTY GEN’s first range is Beauty Greens. They’ve combined five key ingredients into a single product, nourishing your body from the inside so it can shine on the outside.

Beauty Greens is a nutritional powder consisting of freeze-dried ingredients that is tasty and simple enough to stir into smoothies, yoghurt, oats or juice – and just plain water, too. Enriched with Peptan collagen, dairy-free probiotics, omega-3’s, 50 organic superfoods and buffered vitamin C, this is an incredible 5-in-1 beauty booster for healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Their Promise

Integrity of ingredients is an absolute priority for BEAUTY GEN. Their five key ingredients are natural, haven’t been damaged by heat, and there are no harmful extras like sugar, thickeners or fillers. Just the good stuff.

Beauty Greens

Here’s what’s inside their 5-in-1 beauty solution

  • Peptan Collagen: which promotes plump, wrinkle-free, supple skin and strengthens nails
  • Dairy-free Probiotics: which alleviate skin issues, hydrate the skin, promote thick, shiny hair, while strengthening and nourishing your nails
  • Omega-3’s: which tackle skin issues, strengthen skin barrier function, combat dry scalp and brittle hair, and help strengthen brittle nails too
  • 50 Organic Superfoods: which improve all processes in the body and fight the signs of ageing with antioxidants
  • Buffered Vitamin C: which diminishes skin discolouration, provides anti-ageing antioxidants, and combats hair fall and premature greying

Beauty Greens ingredients are freeze-dried into an easy-to-use powder, preserving nutrients and providing you with a convenient beauty supplement.

Simply mix a single serving of Beauty Greens with 100ml water, or your favourite food or drink: blend into smoothies  |  Mix into yoghurt  |  Add into oats  |  Stir into juice

Choose from two tempting flavours:

Beauty Greens Coconut Vanilla
A tropical take on classic vanilla, makes this Beauty Greens flavour an ideal everyday choice. Available in 450g tub or 15g sachets

Beauty Greens Blueberry
Enjoy your Beauty Greens in a natural blueberry flavour – versatile and delicious. Available in 450g tub or 15g sachets

Naked Collagen

Fight the visible signs of ageing with Pure Hydrolysed Peptan Collagen. The smaller, easily digestible peptides are identical to collagens in the body that decrease as we age. Every serving boosts wellness and mobility, enhances joint and bone health and improves athletic performance. This high purity collagen is free from added ingredients and neutral in taste, integrating seamlessly into your diet

This is your powerfully simple health and beauty strategy, with no secrets.

Naked Collagen can be mixed into any drink or food you choose, it’s neutral flavour won’t have any effect on taste or smell. Available in 360g tub or 12g sachets

Get your radiance within!

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