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We’ve had fantastic raves from folk who reckon the new SPACE ROCKS snacks from NANUKI are out-of-this-world delicious and are the best ever!

Nanuki is re-inventing confectionary by making healthy treats that taste sinfully delicious. First came the Boom Bars, then they created Brownie Bombs, and now they’ve added Space Rocks to their constellation of snacks that make an impact.

The Space Rocks Range

Space Rocks are free from refined sugar and sweetened with date syrup and organic coconut sugar.  They are also free from: gluten, dairy, nuts, soy and preservatives.

Space Rocks are vegan- and earth- friendly.  Packaging is biodegradable (inner compostable wood cellulose bag) and the outer box is recyclable.

All Space Rocks contain superfoods such as organic spirulina, lucuma and mesquite.

Space Rocks come in 3 flavours:

  • AWESOME ASTEROIDS – Coconut and Cranberry clusters in dark chocolate.
  • CRUNCHY COMETS – Roasted chickpeas, crispy rice flakes and caramel clusters in dark chocolate.
  • MUNCHY METEORITES– chocolate-y oats, toasted coconut and biscuit pieces in a dark chocolate.

We think these just may rock your universe! Available in Wellness Warehouse, at Faithful-to-Nature online and in all good health shops and delis.

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