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Moringa, the King of Superfoods

When local husband and wife team, Richard and Freda, discovered Moringa over 7 years ago, they could scarcely believe the claims of its incredible health benefits until they tried it for themselves.  They were so impressed that they built a business around it – AKAN MORINGA – finding that it blended perfectly with their passion for permaculture.

What makes Moringa truly fabulous is that it really is the king of superfoods. Think of it as a plant based multi-vitamin!  In fact it is so nutritious, it’s used to treat malnutrition in many parts of Africa where it grows.

Just some of the health and nutritional benefits:

  • packed with antioxidants and phyto-nutrients
  • a great source of protein
  • known as an anti-cancer agent
  • a natural anti-inflammatory
  • great for healing and promoting gut health
  • builds up the immune system
  • regulates blood pressure and blood sugar
  • In Ayervedic medicine it is used to treat up to 300 ailments.

AKAN MORINGA have created a number of different ways for you to benefit from taking Moringa.  See their product range below:

  1. Original Moringa Tea 40g Dried Moringa Leaf
    Earthy, green taste that’s nutty, light and subtle
  2. Moringa & Rooibos Tea 40g Moringa leaf & Rooibos
    Soft, smooth & earthy taste
  3. Moringa & Buchu Tea 40g Moringa leaf & Buchu
    Delicate, light menthol taste
  4. Moringa Lemongrass & Ginger Tea 40g Moringa leaf, Lemongrass & Ginger
    Fresh, tasty & flavourful
  5. Moringa Powder Sachet / Pouches
    30 x 3g sachet box, 100g Pouch, 250g Pouch
  6. Moringa Vegan Capsules containing Moringa powder  (27g/80g bottle)

Available at Wellness Warehouse, Faithful-To-Nature online and all good health shops.

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