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So here’s the thing. An estimated two million bags are thrown away EVERY MINUTE globally. And according to Pick ‘n’ Pay, the average lifespan of a reusable bag can equate to over 700 disposable plastic bags. So why are we STILL making use of  single-use plastic bags?

When Jade Du Toit was on holiday up the West Coast with her family,  she was shocked at the amount of plastic she found on the beach and went in search of a durable, aesthetically pleasing reusable bag.  Not finding what she was looking for, she decided to make the bag she envisioned herself and so created MyBaguse. (pronounced Mybagooz)

The mission of MyBaguse is to create bags that fulfill multiple needs, are well-designed, cost-effective and made sustainably.


MyBaguse bags are machine washable, line dry and when it’s not needed, it folds away into a discreet, small pocket-sized pouch for easy storage and access, fitting perfectly into the side of a handbag. They’re made from 40% recycled nylon source from pre-consumer waste.  They hold 2-3 plastic bags’ worth of goods and can carry up to 25kg each.

Whether it’s a trip to your local grocer, the beach or even an overnight stay, a MyBaguse bag is your versatile, sustainable companion for any of your daily activities


MyBaguse bags are available in a variety of fabulous prints that look gorgeous and make a style statement while at same time caring for the environment.   On-trend and stylish, there’s absolutely zero reason to ever use a plastic bag again.

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