In NEO Deli

We’re thrilled to reveal GD’s new Buttercup range!  Made with 71% dark chocolate and filled with an irresistibly flavoured soft centre, these handmade dairy-free chocolate rounds are sweetened only with raw honey. 

It’s a gourmet chocolate experience that will leave your taste buds indulged with heavenly flavours, knowing that this delectable snack is sugar and dairy-free as well as being free of preservatives, and made exclusively from all natural ingredients, GD Gayleen’s range of treats are UTZ certified.

Available in 5  delectable flavours:

  • GD Buttercup Almond Butter
  • GD Buttercup Mint
  • GD Buttercup Mocha Coffee
  • GD Buttercup Turkish Rose
  • GD Buttercup Vanilla

Slip a GD Buttercup into lunchboxes for a healthy sweet treat surprise, or into your handbag for an energy boost later in the day.

Brighten up your world with a bunch of pretty Buttercups! 🙂  Available in Wellness Warehouse, and in all good health shops and delis.

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