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Funbelievably good! Chocolate that changes the world

The Chocolate Yogi has created a range of high-quality artisanal chocolates that allow you to enjoy your favourite indulgence with a clear conscience. Their award-winning chocolates are dairy-free and cane sugar-free, made with ingredients like raw cacao, plant-based mylk and coconut sugar. The Chocolate Yogi products are made using organic ingredients, and are free of artificial additives, flavours, colours and preservatives.

The Chocolate Yogi Range

The Chocolate Yogi range comprises 35g slabs in 5 scrumptious flavours of 35g slabs and 4 flavours of individually packed ‘Oscar’ chocs. The Chocolate Yogi is a keen supporter of the Orangutan conservation project!

  Ingredients are plant-based, preservative-, gluten- and GMO-free, UTZ-, organic-, Halaal- and Kosher-certified.

Expect yummy melt-int-mouth flavours such as salted caramel crunch, chocolate cream peppermint crunch, strawberry mylk and hunnycomb crunch.

Changing the World

As one fan says: The Chocolate Yogi bars really gives you the melt-in-the-mouth effect. Not only that, the company’s ethics are incredible, the ingredients are all organic, and infused with love and passion. Not to forget their big giving back projects. This chocolate not only tastes amazing, it also changes the world.

Look out for Chocolate Yogi at Wellness Warehouse, Faithful-to-Nature and all good healthshops and deli’s country-wide.

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  • Karen

    Can you provide me with a bulk price list for the yogi chocolate range please.
    Regards Karen

    • vikkiadmin

      Hi Karen,

      Apologies for the delay, our site has been under maintainance for quite some time.

      To order or for queries, please mail

      Many thanks!

  • Annemie Becker

    Can we buy chokolate yogi wholesalefor our health shop?

    • Lesleigh Harnwell

      You may, I have emailed through the new client link 🙂

  • Jeannette

    Hi can we buy direct from you .
    I have 3 grand children that are allergic to dairy.

    Thank you

    • Lesleigh Harnwell

      Hi – Regrettably we do not sell direct to the public.

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