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COCOXIM – The Best Coconut Products in the World*

We’re delighted to introduce COCOXIM coconut water and coconut milk products to the South African health market!

Where do Cocoxim’s coconuts come from?
Cocoxim’s coconuts come from their own farm in the Ben Tre Province, an area known as “The Capital of Coconuts” situated in the fertile Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Coconut processing in this area is very carefully controlled and supervised by the Control Union – a worldwide network of consultants and quality verification in accordance with international regulations governing organic cultivation.

*The quality of Ben Tre coconut is evaluated as superior by experts: thick coconut shells contain more organic matter, fatter coconut meat and sweeter coconut water

What’s special about COCOXIM’s Coconut Water?

Healthy Skin
Research has shown that cytokines found in coconut water help to regulate cell growth. The lauric acid contained in coconut water can also slow down the aging process of the skin cells, regulates pH, and strengthens the connective tissues in the skin, which helps to maintain proper hydration.

Lowers  Blood Pressure
Those who suffer with high blood pressure usually have low levels of potassium in their blood. Due to the significant levels of potassium in coconut water,  regular consumption can significantly help in lowering high blood pressure.

Revitalization and hydration
The high content of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients makes coconut water a great source of revitalization and energy. Coconut water contains only a small amount of sugar and sodium in comparison to energy drinks. In addition to that, it contains potassium (K), phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg), all elements that play a role in recharging your energy.

Weight Loss
COCOXIM is rich in natural electrolytes, which help to strengthen the metabolism and are much more efficient in rehydrating the body than regular water. It is safe to drink COCOXIM on a regular basis (not only) when exercising.

Other Benefits of COCOXIM
Coconut water is very beneficial to the digestive and immune system health. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory


With a fat content of between 17-19%, COCOXIM’s Coconut Milk is produced from fresh coconut meat harvested at the most optimal time for ensuring the sweetest result. Coconut milk is processed using the most advanced cold-press and direct UHT pasteurization and sterilisation technology in the world, ensuring the preservation of the maximum amount of nutrients and natural coconut taste.

COCOXIM’s Coconut Milk is vegan-friendly, naturally gluten-, cholesterol– and GMO– free, with no preservatives or artificial colouring.

Look out for COCOXIM at Wellness Warehouse, Faithful-to-Nature and all good health shops and deli’s country-wide.

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  • Nicci Engelbrecht

    Good day! Please may I have a price on your Coconut water from Cocoxim and the minimum quantities required when ordering?

    Warm regards

    • Lesleigh Harnwell

      Have emailed you 🙂

  • Janine

    Can you please also me the pricing and minimum order. Regards

  • Andrew

    Good day! Please may I too have a price on your Coconut water from Cocoxim and the minimum quantities required when ordering?

    Warm regards

    • Lesleigh Harnwell

      Hi – Please be advised that we are wholesalers and do not supply direct to the public.

  • Wessel

    Please email me wholesale pricing

  • Dean Munro Biggs

    Please could I have price on Coconut Water. I am based in Sandton.

    • Lesleigh Harnwell

      Hi – Regrettably we do not sell direct to the public.

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