NEO Trading is an owner-run distribution company specialising in the distribution of South African and internationally-sourced natural and organic products.

We’ve nurtured a wide network of retailers and combined with our highly sought-after selection of products, we’re proving to be one of the most reliable distributors in our field for getting great products onto retail shelves.

Jill Meyer, the owner, has many years of merchandising and retail experience behind her. She’s passionate about playing a pivotal role in a network of producers and retailers who all share the same objective: to offer retailers products which help our local economy thrive while at the same time conserving our natural resources and environment. She’s supported by a strong team who manage the warehouse, picking and packing, distribution, logistics and customer relationships.

NEO Trading sources the best of international and South African natural and organic products produced in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.  Our EcoProducts organic Baobab oil and Superfruit powder, for example, supports over 450 women from rural Venda in the Limpopo Province. The Baobab pods are harvested sustainably, ensuring that these ancient and protected trees are not harmed in any way.

We like to support smaller producers of premium quality products, who are using local, natural and organic ingredients. We also prefer to source ranges which are handmade by people who take an ethical interest in preserving and protecting our environment and its inhabitants.

NEO TRADING. Natural. Ethical & Organic.
We’re doing business in a NEO way.

NEO’s Corporate Social Investment

NEO has its eyes set firmly on the future. Not only do we want to ensure the future wellbeing of our environment by trading in sustainably produced products, we also believe in making an investment in our communities.

There are so many under-resourced and impoverished pre-school creches struggling to provide a safe, nurturing and nourishing environment for children while their parents go out to work.  NEO makes regular food and supplies contributions to Vrygrond Creche in Capricorn Park in Retreat, Cape Town.
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NEO also makes a monthly donation to Dr Sarah Venter’s EcoProducts Baobab Foundation Pre-school programme.  The  Pre-school creches in the dusty dry rural villages of the Limpopo rarely have any facilities, toys or even basic infrastructure like toilets or a fence to keep little ones safe.

Early Childhood Development has been identified as a means of breaking the poverty cycle. Children who do not receive a strong foundation in their early development are found to be stunted academically. By focusing on the correct development areas and adequate nutrition before school-going age, children are given a boost that will help them for the rest of their lives.

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