Alll The Goodness of Coconut

Kapthura, tree of the heavens

Kapthura, in the native tongue of Sri Lanka, means “Divine tree” or “Tree of the heavens”. The coconut tree is revered as sacred gift from mother-nature and  Kapthura is the brand which supplies all the essential goodness of coconut directly from the tree to your table, while preserving all its nutrients at every level of the process.

Kapthura is certified with USDA-NOP, JAS, EU and Korean Organic by the Control Union, The Netherlands.


Kapthura Coconut Water.  Available in a 1ltr tetra pack and 250ml can, Kapthura is, in our experience, quite simply one of the best-tasting coconut waters on the market.

Their organic coconut water is tapped from the very centre of the coconut and is refreshing and revitalizing. The water is naturally rich in potassium and electrolytes, making it both healthy and refreshing. An excellent hydrating drink for those engaged in athletics and sports, or after a workout.

Ingredients100% Organic coconut water, less than 1% natural fruit sugar and Vitamin C

Kapthura organic extra virgin coconut oil available in a 450ml and 950 ml glass jars. The fresh, all-natural multi-purpose oil is extracted from the white kernel of organically grown coconuts. The kernel is dried and then cold pressed to separate the oil which is then micro-filtered to produce pure and unrefined coconut oil. The entire process does not use any chemical or bleaching treatment. Instead, this innovative method retains the nutritional value of coconuts while also producing an oil of superior clarity, aroma and taste.

Kapthura organic Coconut Milk is obtained by pressing the fresh white kernel of organic coconuts to produce a silky, cream-white milk, which is an ideal substitute for dairy products in your cooking. Organic Coconut Milk is suitable for those with lactose intolerance and comes with a range of different fat contents to suit your needs: Light Coconut Milk (9% fat), Coconut Milk (17% fat) and Coconut Cream (22% fat)

Ingredients: 100% Organic coconut kernel extract, water, stabilizer

Kapthura organic Coconut Flour and Desiccated Coconut complete the range. The fine, pure coconut flour, is made by drying and defatting coconut meat, which can be used to bake high quality, gluten free, low carbohydrate food. Coconut flour is high in fiber, protein and low in carbohydrates. More importantly, it has a low glycemic index, which makes it perfect for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: 100% Organic coconut flour

Desiccated coconut is made from the dried and grated white kernels picked from organic plantations. Like their other products, no chemicals are involved in the process of making this product.

Ingredients: 100% organic coconut kernel.

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