Personal Care For Women By Women

Anara products have been designed to help women navigate the life-changes we experience as our bodies and lifestyles transition into a new phase of life.

Having worked with Cape Aloe for over 30 years, Anara discovered that the use of their formulated Aloe gel –  topically applied –  helps alleviate hot flushes and night sweats (symptoms related to Menopause). This discovery led Anara to create a range of products specifically for woman and the various intimate moments of womanhood.

Be Authentically You

Every woman’s experience of her womanhood is unique and the changes experienced will affect each woman in a slightly different way, special only to her. As women, we transition through many physical, psychological and hormonal changes throughout our lives and sometimes we need help through these transition phases.

Anara provides the tools to navigate these changes, to age well, the way we choose to, rather than how we are expected to. Anara products have been developed by women, for women for exactly this purpose. Their female-lead team, is a passionate and focused one, always working on new concepts and ideas to help women lead richer and more fulfilled lives.

Their first product range focuses on the Menopausal phase and Anara has formulated a top quality, nature-based product range using only pure and sustainable ingredients with no harmful additives at very affordable prices.

Each active ingredient has been specifically chosen for the therapeutic benefits it offers. Their range has been extensively tested on groups of women with exceptional results.

The Anara Range comprises:

  1. Cape Aloe Cooling Gel 120ml Pump
  2. Cape Aloe Gel with CBD oil 65ml Pump
  3. Conditioning Hair Mask 200ml Tub
  4. Hair Loss Serum 120ml Pump
  5. Personal Lubricant 65ml Pump
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