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better for you - better for the earth

Better Earth has been producing natural eco-friendly cleaning products since 2009 with the aim to get as many people as possible to use house-hold products that have little or no knock effects to the broader environment.

Their products are bio-degradable, do not contain harmful chemicals and are certainly better for the earth than most conventional cleaners.  They’ve been consistent finalists in the Fairlady Best Products awards and have built up a loyal customer base who keep coming back for more. Why? Because their cleaning products work. They’re effective and  do what they say they will – clean and refresh your home beautifully without harming the earth with surfactants, parabens and synthetic ingredients.  Their range comprises:

  • Dish Washing Liquid
  • Auto Dish Gel
  • Wood Floor Cleaner
  • Tiled Floor Cleaner
  • Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner
  • Cleaning Spray
  • Laundry Gel
  • Air Freshner
  • Toilet Tamer
  • Body Wash

All Better Earth Products are:

  1. free of sulphated surfactants, parabens, animal products, colourants and synthetic fragrance.
  2. never tested on animals and are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and the Vegan Society
  3. completely bio-degradable and perfect for grey water use
  4. manufactured locally
  5. supportive of ethical farmers always and local farmers wherever possible
  6. made with ingredients from suppliers who have to meet Eco-Cert standards

Some information about Better Earth Ingredients

1. Cocamidopropyl betaine Co-surfactant (Helps to make products lather) – Approved by Soil Association, Ecocert and BDIH. This ingredient is extracted from coconut oil. It has an excellent safety record and is very well tolerated. It is approved under the Nordic Swan mark scheme that measures the environmental and health impact of cosmetic ingredients.

2. Decyl glucoside – Surfactant (Foaming Agent) – Approved by Ecocert and BDIH as a natural product. It is made by combining a fraction of palm or coconut oil with glucose. The product has been tested for biodegradability and found to be freely and rapidly biodegradable. This means that it will generally be degraded into its components (fatty acid and glucose) in between 4 and 8 hours.

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