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Liz Eglington is the Farmer and owner of Buffelshoek farm in the Klein Karoo which she bought 15 years ago as a dusty and destroyed piece of earth, through over grazing and chemical fertilizing.

Using organic, permaculture and biodynamic farming practices she planted olive trees and breathed new life into this land In 2001 the farm became the first certified organic olive and chilli farm in South Africa.

Olive leaf is believed to be the most powerful free radical scavenger known to man, and is a natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compound. Olive leaf is very high in vitamin C and is traditionally used to combat colds, flu, Shingles, eczema. The polyphenols in olive leaf assist in heart health, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

Modern health professionals first started using Olive Leaf extract in 1995 when it first became available and although a long-term perspective is not yet possible, initial results are very positive. It is emerging as a very promising and unique herb with multiple applications. It shows considerable therapeutic action against many common conditions. Olive leaf extract is gaining recognition as a powerful defender against sickness, and numerous scientific studies have been conducted to investigate the extract’s beneficial properties. The reported benefits of olive leaf extract’s range from promoting increased energy and healthy blood pressure, to supporting the cardiovascular system, and the immune system.

As an antioxidant, Olive leaf extract protects those blood vessels from damage, and has been shown to be effective in protecting the heart from coronary occlusion. When taken over an extended period of time, it is believed to reverse arteriosclerosis. Olive leaves are astringent and antiseptic. Both the leaves and the bark have valuable febrifugal qualities.

Each box of Blue Sky Organics Olive Leaf tea contains 100g of either plain olive leaf tea or mixed with other indigenous tea leaves. There are 4 in the range: Olive Leaf Tea, Olive leaf & Green Honeybush, Olive leaf & Honeybush and Olive leaf & Rooibos.

blue sky olive leaf tea
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