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Buchu is recognised as South Africa’s most valuable medicinal plant, and its use and benefits have been documented for over three hundred years.

Packed with bioflavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins, BuchuLife™ have developed a range of products to help the body to combat free-radicals while enhancing general well-being.

Also referred to as “nature’s biological response modifiers”, Bioflavonoids modify the body’s reaction to compounds such as allergens, viruses, and carcinogens. It has been found that the Bioflavonoids naturally occuring in Buchu have greater antioxidant effects than Vitamins C, E, Selenium and Zinc. A very high concentration of a broad spectrum of Bioflavonoids is just one of many unique Buchu benefits

NOTE: BuchuLife’s™ scientifically formulated Buchu oil contains the potent bioflavonoids quercetin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin as well as diosphenol and Vitamins

First Aid Gel

This natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory product is recommended for use as an antiseptic and anti-fungal gel for open wounds, burns, bruising, nappy rash, and control of eczema. It can also be used by persons suffering from joint or muscular pain. Available in 40g and 80g tubes

Joint Health Capsules

This powerful natural anti-inflammatory aids in the reduction of pain and inflammation, supports healthy joints and connective tissue, promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular function and optimizes exercise recovery and overall well-being. Available in 60 x 375mg Soft Gel Caps with Buchu Oil 10 mg and Salmon Oil 365 mg. 

UTI Relief Capsules

Provides rapid relief for Urinary Tract Infections such as Cystitis (bladder infections). Unlike other alkalines which merely neutralise PH levels, Buchulife UTI Relief acts as a natural antibiotic, eliminating infection and inflammation at the source. Can be used as preventative measure in cases of recurring or chronic infections. Available in 40 x 375mg Soft Gel Caps with Buchu Oil 10mg and Flaxseed Oil 365mgs.

Derm-Active Cream (with lemongrass)

Derm-Active Cream is a rich, non-greasy cream which helps soften skin, instantly locking in essential moisture. Contains Buchu extract which has proven natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Contains Quercetin with proven anti-ageing properties.

Use in conjunction with Buchulife First Aid Gel for effective management of eczema. Safe for use on infants and children. Available in a 150ml tub.

Buchu Sparkling Herbal Waters

Flavours: Natural, Cranberry, Lime, Blackcurrant available in 500ml bottles.

  • An innovative and natural way to stay hydrated and healthy!
  • Sugar & sweetener-free
  • Contains naturally occurring antioxidants, bioflavonoids and vitamins needed by the body to combat free radicals
  • Helps maintain healthy sugar levels
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function
  • Promotes recovery after strenuous exercise
  • Lowers blood pressure

Buchu Herbal Water

Available in a 1.5l bottle, Buchu herbal water is recommended as a general tonic, is a natural anti-inflammatory and diuretic and has been found to relieve symptoms of bladder infections including Cystitis, PMS, Obesity, water retention, Diabetes, stomach pain, coughs & colds, hypertension, joint pain & Gout, Fibrositis, Arthritis and Rheumatism, general inflammation, kidney and liver disorders.

Buchu Detox Tea

Organically grown in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa, these detox teas are available in boxes of 20 bags in 6 Flavours: Buchu & Ginger, Buchu & Green Rooibos, Buchu & Cinnamon, Buchu Natural, Buchu & Lemongrass and Buchu & Mint.

Buchu is a natural diuretic helping the body flush out harmful toxins:

  • Brings relief from poor digestion, constipation and bloating
  • Proven natural anti-inflammatory
  • Rich in a host of antioxidants and bioflavonoids
  • Loaded with polyphenols which help reduce the risk of developing cancer
  • Relieves insomnia and is caffeine free
  • Reduces stomach spasm and colic in infants
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