No Buts About It. The Best Nutt Butta About.

We’re crazy for this range of sophisticated, ultra-delicious nut butters because it’s just nuts. Well actually… that’s not quite true.  Yes, there are some additive-free nut spreads, like Roasted Almond which has no added oil, sugar, preservatives, stabilizers or gluten.

But then they went and put in some truly irresistible ‘additives’ … who could argue with Cocoa Macadamia,  Honey Almond, and  Cinnamon  Macadamia?

ButtaNutt hand crafts a series of authentic, high quality nut butter products made from natural and organic ingredients.  However ButtaNutt is not simply  a health product, instead it’s a delicious treat while also being nutritious.

ButtaNutt are passionate about tree nut spreads that are of the highest quality. They source sustainably harvested ingredients that are found as locally as possible.

What’s even more innovative is that this range goes beyond just a jar.  ButtaNutt have produced South Africa’s first ever nut butter Squeeze Pack. These 32g single serving packs make nut butter a whole lot more portable; perfect for lunch boxes, endurance athletes and people on the move.

The ButtaNutt range of nut butters are available in sachets, 250g and 1kg jars.

ButtaNutt also make a delicious range of plant based milks which make frothy and moreish vegan cuppacinos. Use ButtaNutt milks in place of dairy  for breakfast, smoothies and baking, or simply enjoy straight from the bottle.

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