Authentic Mexican Fare

Purveyors of Authentic Tortilla chips, hot sauces, salsas, chillies and other Mexican fare

With industrialised farming and the advent of GMO’s, you’re probably familiar with just white and yellow maize, but there are in fact hundreds of many-coloured heirloom varieties which you may not have encountered before.

EL BURRO MERCADO, along with their sourcing partners in Mexico, have sourced only the best single source heirloom corn from the Hills of Oaxaca. In this way they are helping preserve these ancient corns and support the small communities that continue to use time-honoured growing techniques and ancient grains.

EL BURRO MERCADO currently has 2 varieties of authentic tortilla chips in their range which are sold in 24-pack boxes:

El Burro White Corn Chips 250g pack
El Burro Rainbow Corn Chips 250g pack

The white tortilla chips are made with the best locally sourced non-gmo organically certified corn. The Rainbow corn chips are made from multi-coloured heirloom varieties sourced in Mexico.

EL BURRO MERCADO uses traditional volcanic stone grinders to mill their nixtamalized corn which is  gluten-free and preservative-free.  

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