Guilt-free Decadence

There is no other chocolate product that can compare to these delicious individually hand crafted nutritious soft-centred chocolates filled with.Chilli-caramel, Orange, Ginger, Brazil Nut Crème, Turkish Rose, Mocha-Coffee and more…

Once you’ve tasted one, you’ll want to try them all!  So what makes them so special?   Firstly, it’s to do with what’s NOT inside: This is a unique fresh product with NO added processed sugar, dairy, wheat or soy, no preservatives, additives, emulsifiers or artificial flavourants & colourants!  Sweetened only with raw honey, Gayleen’s decadent chocolates also contain:

  • UTZ certified roasted cacao butter & powder
  • Cashew nuts
  • and essential oils.

And every once in a while, Gayleen’s Decadence offers a limited once-off Special Edition: such as Lemon Cream, Vanilla or whatever inventively yummy taste sensation takes her fancy!

 Secondly, what is inside is UTZ certified cacao which is a primary source of the essential mineral magnesium and is one of the most significant anti-oxidants which fight free radicals responsible for aging and tissue damage. Confirmed by the Heart Foundation,  Theobromine is good for the heart and Tryptophan, essential in the production of serotonin is a  mood enhancer.  Gayleen’s Decadent Chocolates come in a convenient display box that will fit perfectly at your till point.

Apart from individually wrapped chocolates, Gayleen’s Decadence also makes 2 different flavours of 4-piece delectable soft-centred chocolate slabs, and 5 different flavours of 100g slabs and 25g mini-slabs. So now you can share the decadence!

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