Happy pasta made from organic legumes.

A handmade, high -protein and -fibre rich range of pasta products and a cleanse product free from gluten, grain, nuts, sugar, soya and GMO’s that keeps you fuller for longer.

Happy Earth People was founded in 2015 by two very determined eco-health nuts Taleszia Pillay and Candice Perkins.

They believe pulses are the nutritious superfood of the future and may even be the answer to climate change-related concerns about food security. Legumes (the dried pea, bean and lentil family) are a good source of protein and fibre, they are packed with iron and antioxidants. Growing and supporting the pulse industry is not only good for you but good for the planet too. Legumes are well known as ‘nitrogen fixers’ as they leave the soil healthier after harvest.

The Happy Earth People Vision

Their vision is to reconnect people with the way we eat, feel and see ourselves on planet earth. To consume harmoniously in a way that is kind, nutritionally wholesome and brings us together.

Simply put, they’re an earth happy brand, from intention to raw materials. That’s how they roll!

They make organically grown legume pastas and legume products. All their products are hand made in Cape Town and they source their ingredients locally as far as possible

The Happy Earth Product Range

Their products are perfect for those with gluten and other food intolerances, those following a vegetarian and vegan diet, parents, the health-conscious and those who want to know that what they’re eating doesn’t affect the environment negatively.

Their range comprising two pasta products and a mung-bean cleanse product and is free from gluten, grain, nuts, sugar, soya and GMO’s. All their pasta is handmade and is a far better alternative to their high carb counterparts. The high protein and fibre makes their fusilli unique in that it keeps you fuller for longer.

The cherry on top, legumes are TOTALLY gluten-free.

It’s also one of the easiest meals to cook in just 6-8 minutes.

Chickpea Fusilli Pasta

Happy Earth People chickpea fusilli is made from nothing but 100% pure chickpeas. 250g per packet, serves 4.

if you enjoy the nutty flavour of chickpeas, you are absolutely going to love this.

Lentil Fusilli Pasta

Happy Earth People red lentil fusilli is made from nothing but 100% red lentils. With almost 24 grams of protein and plenty of fibre. The plant protein found in legumes provides the body with steady long-lasting energy.  Red lentils are rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates, they’re also relatively low on the glycemic index and gluten free! 250g per packet, serves 4.

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