HONEYGUIDE is a producer of honey,propolis, beeswax and pollen and from these bee products manufactures a range of uncompromised quality products which are health promoting, healing and alive.

The Cape Floral Kingdom, and in particular the Mountain Fynbos has the richest diversity of flowering plants and the highest density of indigenous plant life per square kilometre on the planet. Natural floral diversity plays a large role in the quality of a raw product, and in particular honey, propolis and pollen

The ranges of bioflavanoids, phenols, caffeic acids, essential oils and essential fatty acids are just some of the key components affected positively by floral diversity. This translates as the healthiest bee produce.

HONEYGUIDE  manages indigenous cape honeybee colonies using holistic and sensitive farming principles on environmentally pristine south western cape mountains. No sugar feeding, GM soy pollen substitutes, no antibiotics or medicines are used in the hives and there is no exposure to agriculture or industry.

Beeswax Ointment
Deeply moisturising, healing and soothing, HoneyGuide’s Beeswax Ointment is a blend of the finest quality cold-pressed biodynamic jojoba oil and almond oil and Honeyguide’s beeswax and propolis. Pure, simple ingredients with no parabens. petrochemicals or additives. Soft and effective – use as an all-purpose baby healer and for dry cracked lips, eczema, psoriasis, under eye balm, dry skin on heels and elbows, cuticles, burns and rashes and inflammation.

Bees collect the gums, resins and balsams from the growing points of plants for disinfecting and protecting the colony from germs and pests.  Propolis a natural and effective antiobiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and mild anaesthetic. Prepared as a full strength tincture, use the dropper for insect bite relief, cold sores, mouth ulcers and funguses and a little in water as an immune stimulant.  The spray is excellent for larger areas and is convenient as a throat spray to kill staphylococcus and streptococcus, reduce inflammation and soothe.

Pollen is one of the richest single-food sources known, and is eaten as a supplement for stamina and endurance,  nutrition, fertility and convalescence . Vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, bioflavanoids, sterols, phenols and essential oils are some of the primary components. In Chinese medicine it is regarded as the highest of yang foods and eaten for virility and fertility. Bruce Lee and Ali both praised and ate it to boost their athletic performance and  as a primary supplement for their entire careers.

The Honey Guide story
The Honeyguide is an African bird that has a long history with mankind, and very often makes sure it is heard when the beekeeper is visiting the HONEYGUIDE apiairies. It is the only animal capable of digesting beeswax, but not having the means to access honeybee nests, the honeyguide very clearly, actively and with great enthusiasm guides man and badger to the location of the nests of honeybees, and in return is rewarded with some wax combs (preferably containing pollen and young bees). Symbolically, HONEYGUIDE functions to bring man and the bees together.

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