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Solar Sea Salt: once tasted never forgotten

It’s a beautifully simple traditional way of harvesting salt that’s been in existence for centuries and at Khoisan Trading, they have continued the tradition: making salt using the energy of the sun.

Located in the small fishing village of Velddrif in the heart of the West Coast, Khoisan extracts sea-brine from a unique Aquifer, where the sea water has filtered through beds of shell, adding calcium, in this way making their hand-harvested natural salt so special.  This pure, unpolluted brine is over 400 years old with a distinctive and memorable taste.

Khoisan salt is unrefined, free of artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives with no chemical additives and high in natural trace elements.  Their special varieties are used by the best chefs and restaurants in South Africa, and are exported all over the world, including to the exclusive Cooking School of Aspen in California, U.S.A.

Khoisan’s range includes natural fine and coarse salt, fleur de sel crystal flakes, and a deliciously nutritious seaweed flavoured salt. Khoisan is also a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

We love the fact that Khoisan Sea Salt is local, sustainable and by hand-harvesting their salt, they ensure their low carbon footprint.

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